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alliantgroup enables U.S. small and mid-market businesses to focus on strategic growth by becoming an EXTENSION OF YOUR TEAM with a cost effective, efficient onshore offshore hybrid resource model.

As domestic businesses battle costs in a volatile economy, accounting services continue to perform a critical role to maintain effective business operations, support decision-making and compliance.

Traditional in-house staffing models are costly, inflexible and do not scale quickly. However, alliantgroup can provide fractional teams or entire accounting departments who adhere to the HIGHEST QUALITY COMPLIANCE STANDARDS, allowing your financial resources to focus on strategic development, insights and growth.

Furthermore, we provide our clients direct access to an industry experienced and U.S. BASED EXECUTIVE TEAM from alliantgroup who will manage projects and SERVE AS A BRIDGE between our clients and their service teams. This HYBRID SERVICE MODEL is a critical element in maintaining a high level of quality control.

Top for U.S. Small and Mid-Market Businesses

Top Concerns
for U.S. Small and Mid-Market Businesses

U.S. Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) currently face multiple challenges to conduct efficient day to day operations, while maintaining focus on longer term growth strategies:

  • Retaining and hiring full-time qualified staff in a volatile economic environment
  • High fixed costs for personnel
  • Ensuring quality of services and compliance
  • Managing privacy/security risks
  • Freeing up ‘scarce resources’
  • Being able to provide business insights

What alliantgroup offers U.S. SMEs

As cost pressures and fluctuating market conditions continue to impact businesses and their ability to grow, the performance and accuracy of the day to day, accounting managed services becomes an increasingly important part of a business’s operation. As CPAs move away from offering these services, their clients face increasing costs to then hire in-office staff or increase retainers to persuade their CPA to maintain the service.

alliantgroup is a solution that delivers both quality and cost efficient services to SMEs in the U.S. These accounting managed services include:

  • Record to Report
    • General Ledger
    • Purchase to Pay/AP
    • Order to Cash/AR
    • Fixed Assets
    • Leases
    • Reconciliations
  • Audit Schedules
  • Preparation of Trial Balance and Financial Statements
  • Develop Effective Management Reporting including Dashboard capabilities

This remote hybrid model offers many benefits to businesses who have a strong growth objective:

Cost Efficient and Scalable

  • By being an extension of your team we can provide support based on the needs and future needs of your business, with the required resources and bandwidth to easily scale up or scale down to suit your needs. This cost efficient professional service option allows domestic U.S. based staff to focus on higher value work.
  • We provide all of this without a reduction in work quality due to our domestic based project managers who stay in constant contact with our clients and whose primary responsibility is ensuring our clients’ work standards are maintained.

Quality and Excellence

  • Our talent has multiple years of accounting managed services experience on average, with qualifications ranging from CPAs to MBAs and backgrounds across industries such as real estate, retail, manufacturing and technology.
  • Our hybrid service solution is led by former Big 4 executives and former CFOs that developed the remote service approach for some of the largest accountancy firms in the world.

Security and Privacy

  • alliantgroup is up to date on all relevant security & privacy policies and protocols.
  • Signed confidentiality agreements before services start to ensure that all data and other critical information is completely confidential, safe and secure.
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