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alliantTALENT delivers completely integrated and hand selected talent to serve as an extension of your team. Our professionals have the experience to match your firm’s quality and substantially increase their capacity.

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We Work Within Your Existing Systems

Our accounting professionals have expertise on all major accounting software packages both desktop and online. We are also certified by Xero and QuickBooks. We also can work with industry specific accounting software such as Yardi, Rent manager, Appfolio and so on.

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Six Benefits for CPA Firms

Talent Capacity
Talent Quality
Cost Efficiency
Time Zone Advantage
Security & Privacy

Why Choose alliantTALENT

alliantTALENT addresses the CPA talent shortage faced by many firms by partnering with them to create an extension of their team with skilled professionals.


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Florencia Cossard,

Once we engaged with alliantgroup, it was a smooth and easy process. I am not an accountant or CPA, so I look to outside services to handle this for me. When I started working with the CAS team, I was blown away. Immediately, the AG team infused themselves into our business, making us question how we ever did accounting without them. The team constantly follows up with us to ensure that we are up to date with our financials. Overall, the whole experience of working with AG was flawless. I am extremely pleased with the services. 

What makes us stand out

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We built alliantTalent with quality as the foundation of our service. Prior to starting alliantTalent, Jim Brady built Deloitte U.S. India from the ground up. Based on partner feedback surveys, the quality of practice in India under Jim, exceeded that of U.S. based professionals. Jim has once again replicated that commitment to quality and we are delivering it to our CPA partners. Our professionals hail from the Big 4  and adhere to your standard of quality. We provide the entire pyramid, preparers, reviewers, and junior partners operating remotely as well as an additional layer of oversight located domestically.


Our security offerings exceed AICPA SOC standard and we consider data protection an absolute imperative for our clients. Unlike most remote talent solutions, that force you into an unfamiliar ecosystem, we adopt your IT environment. Our complimentary IT concierge will work with your team to make sure our professionals are only able to access what you give them access to and we ensure no data is moved outside of your system.

Continuity & Experience

We hire experienced people from the big 4 and other large companies. Some of our people have 20+ years of experience in this industry. On average our team has 5 years of relevant experience.


We know cost savings is why most businesses look to remote talent solutions in the first place and our partners save 30% in labor costs on average. Additionally, due to our high standard of quality, your domestic staff will be able to focus on growth, profitability and high value work instead of reviewing and correcting what is produced by remote workers.

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