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alliantTalent helps US CPA firms solve one of the biggest impediments to increase revenue growth; finding quality talent for audit, tax and advisory services. Nearly every firm is battling increasing costs, and the shortage of U.S. talent, both of which limit growth and place downward pressure on profitability and partner earnings. alliantTalent can source entire teams and departments of audit, tax and advisory professionals, who adhere to the highest quality standards, to help your firm expand immediately and quickly gain margin uplift.

We’ve built an experienced team, with years of proven results serving top 250 CPA firms. Our talent solutions help CPA firms dramatically cut costs without sacrificing quality work product. alliantTalent’s emphasis on providing high quality work to our clients is what sets us apart from our competitors and we’ll show you the difference.

Top Concerns
for CPA Firms

Competitive CPA firms are facing new challenges in modern times but the biggest challenges almost all have to do with finding staff. In the most recent survey of US CPA firms (21+ professionals) conducted by the Private Companies Practice Section (PCPS) of the AICPA, all except one of the top six concerns relate to staffing:

  1. Cost of high quality staff
  2. Retaining highly qualified staff
  3. Managing work/life balance initiatives
  4. Seasonality/workload compression
  5. Managing privacy/security risks

alliantTalent has talent solutions that can solve your biggest staffing concerns in a cost-effective manner that will allow your business to expand and grow faster and more profitably.

What alliantTalent offers a CPA

As the labor gap in the accounting industry continues to grow year over year, top firms have already established talent centers overseas to supplement their workforces. In the past 10 years, most of the Top 20 U.S. firms have established offshore Talent Centers rendering audit, tax and advisory professional services.

alliantTalent bases its talent centers in one of the emerging global technical centers, Hyderabad,India. Led by a team of pioneers and veterans in the talent center industry, our vast experience has taught us that quality and reliability are of major importance to CPA firms and we have built alliantTalent from the ground up to address what matters most to our clients.

A remote talent center offers many benefits to CPAs who have a strong growth objective:

Quality and Excellence

  • Our chartered accountants and MBA consultants have the education, skills and experience to handle Audit, Tax and Advisory projects for different industry verticals
  • alliantTalent has hired professionals from the Big Four to deliver top tier quality in Audit, Tax and Advisory

Talent Capacity

  • U.S. CPA firms cite talent shortages as the #1 barrier to quality and growth today
  • AlliantTalent has based its operation in the center of one of the largest talent pools of professional resources that cater to CPA firm client’s needs, allowing US CPAs to free up existing US based staff to focus on bringing greater value add to existing clients and increase the capacity to serve new clients

Cost Efficiency

  • This more cost efficient professional service option allows domestic U.S. based staff to focus on higher value consultative work

Time Zone Advantage

  • The time zone difference allows U.S. CPA firms to achieve 24*7 professional services

Easily Scalable

  • alliantTalent has the required resources and bandwidth to easily scale up or scale down to suit CPA firm
  • Make adjustments to the professional services per your needs, which help you save time and money
  • We dedicate personnel to your Firm, so that you gain client service continuation/ consistency – Quality, Quality, Quality

Security and Privacy

  • alliantTalent has the required security & privacy policies and protocols in place
  • Signed confidentiality agreements with CPA firms, and their clients, before the audit or project starts to ensure that all client data and other critical information is completely confidential, safe and secure

Margin %
Uplift Sample

One of the primary reasons to choose to invest in a talent center is of course the cost savings. Not only can alliantTalent help you scale your firm up, we can help you do it in the most cost-efficient way possible. Below is a breakdown of the cost savings to the typical CPA firm.

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